October 22, 2002

Seeds of Peace Award?

The actions of the organization called Seeds of Peace, alma mater of PLO stalwart, Adam Shapiro, never cease to amaze. Their latest action is a point in fact. Within the last couple of weeks invitations were sent out announcing a “Gala Dinner” and advising that at the dinner, Congressman John Dingell of Dearborn, Michigan was to be the recipient of the Seeds of Peace Congressional Leadership Award. John Dingell!

Perhaps the Jews involved with Seeds of Peace do not know Dingell’s record in the United States Congress vis-a-vis Israel? Some of the his more recent highlights include:

Oct. 10, 2002 - was one of 133 Congressman against vs. 296 for the bill granting President Bush power to take military action against Iraq should specific circumstances warrant.

May, 2002 – Dingell was one of just 21 Congressman who refused to support Resolution 392 expressing solidarity with Israel in its fight against terrorism.

March 2002 – Dingell refused to sign the Waxman/Ros-Lehtinen Letter urging President Bush to add Al-Aqsa Brigade, Tanzim and Force 17 – all supporters of Yasser Arafat - to the U.S. government list of terrorist organizations. (235 Congressmen did sign)

July, 2001 – Dingell was one of only 4 Congressman that refused to allow Israel to obtain a UN video tape showing the Hizballah terrorists kidnapping Israel soldiers on the Lebanese border.

Feb. 2001 Dingell was the only congressman voting against Resolution 34 congratulating Prime Minister Sharon for calling for an end to violence at that time. 410 Congressman voted for the resolution.

Dingell, over the years, has been one of less than 100 of 435 Congressman who consistently vote against the Foreign Aid Appropriations Bill whose largest beneficiary is Israel

Last year it was reported by Jonathan Tobin, Editor of the Philadelphia Exponent, that John Dingell was listed as one of the few Congressman elected by the Arabs to their Hall of Fame. Favorable election is afforded those Congressman and Senators voting most consistently against Pro-Israel legislation.

As to Seeds of Peace, it has had on its Board of Directors, since its beginnings, Saeb Erekat, Chief Negotiator for Yasser Arafat. Seeds also has had on their programs to speak: Yasser Abed Rabbo, chief media spokesperson for Yasser Arafat, and Yossi Beilen discredited Israeli former member of the Knesset and one of authors of the disastrous Oslo Peace Accords. Evidently it should be no surprise then, that they have selected John Dingell for their Congressional leadership award. The only question that still remains is why do Jews continue to support this pro-PLO, anti –Israel organization? Is this too part of the Oslo “Peace” Process? Is anyone ever arrested for appropriating and maliciously misusing words?

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