Comments: Same sex marriage, a Jewish value? Bush, bad for the Jews?

I am sorry to learn of the author's feelings. I am also offended that he takes the position that it is we American Jews who have crossed the Rubicon.

Personally, I am much more comfortable with the traditional roles of husband and wife than I am with the changes brought about by the latest wave of feminism, however this in no way causes me to believe I must impose that onto others.

It seems to me that the American Jews, such as I, who are pro-gay marriage, simply believe that there is so little love in this world that if 2 people of the same gender wish to marry, what's so bad about that? Anything we can do to put more love into our world, to me, is a good thing.

Sad to say, there are actually synagogues specifically for gay people. Now, straight people are welcome, however some in the American Jewish community who have closed minds and cold hearts have apparently forced some American gay Jews to feel they would feel more comfortable in their own synagogue.

The Jewish value of which we speak probably has a lot to do with justice, for your information.

Posted by Sweeteli at March 12, 2004 01:18 PM

The comment above is exactly what Halkin is referring to - The American subjective Liberal translation of what are Jewish values. Halkin is simply outlining what traditional Jewish values are toward homosexuality.

No one has to agree with them no more than one has to genuinely keep kosher. But, don't say that not keeping kosher or subscribing to homosexuality is Jewish. Halkin describes it as American Jewish - not exactly based upon talmudic reference.

Posted by Jerry kaufman at March 12, 2004 04:19 PM

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